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What is it worth to you to let go of the problem or the unwanted results you had until now?

What is it worth to you to lose that phobia or fear, that addiction, that food issue, that migraine, that thing (whatever it is) that has been plaguing you?

What is it worth to you to become healthier, more rested, better paid, more peaceful inside, luckier in love, more at one with those around you?

Have a quick think what it is worth to you to change the thing that brought you here now, today, to my site.  Put a figure on it.  Anything you think is right. That’s right!  Excellent.

  • Initial 10-min consultation: Free (Book here)

  • 20-min Skype/Phone session: £24.99
  • 60-min Skype/Phone session: £64.99
    (or 3x 20-min sessions)
  • Other types of sessions available, including face-to-face
    sessions, please contact me for full details.



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