Client Reviews

I believe myself to be one of the most highly reviewed therapists and life change facilitators in the UK.  See what some of my clients have to say.

After just one session with Patrick, I found a huge weight lifted. There was sudden clarity where there hadn’t been in some time and I felt safe in a space where I could express myself honestly without judgement. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and definitely something I would like to continue. I also very much appreciated the tools offered by Patrick to not only overcome certain issues but to work towards a more focused, balanced me. – Katie K

It’s like I have stepped out of my own way. I’d love to be able to say that I don’t have the same thoughts but I am now very aware of these thoughts and recognize that they no longer serve me.

Thank you for your help and thank you for creating a safe space where I could heal.  – A. Laumeier

Patrick has helped me to tackle a phobia that I thought I was burdened with for life. One session, followed later with “booster” session has seen a major improvement with my ability to face my fear. I can highly recommend Patrick. – C T  

Powerful, immediately effective and fun. That’s how I’d describe my much needed hypnotherapy session with Patrick in his calm and welcoming London therapy room. Prior to my session I was suffering with extreme fear and anxiety and the moment I felt it leave me during the session I felt feeling like the strong and capable woman able to take on any challenge again. So thankful for you Patrick. – J E

Patrick is a true uplifter and provides invaluable guidance to a happier life. I found the session extremly interesting and it was confirming and most importantly – addressing – patterns l have noticed but not understood the source or impact of.. 
Patrick has a fantastic insight and understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how to change thought processes that do not serve you. – AI V





Went to Patrick really not knowing what to expect and admittedly a little sceptical. I’d had strong issues with mind blocks and general self confidence and wasn’t very sure how much an hour and a half can do for quite a deep-set problem. However, I went in with an open mind and after two sessions of really useful conversations and some powerful exercises I noticed significant changes in thought processes and my general understanding of how we perceive things. Patrick has helped hugely and given me tools that I can also apply to other areas of my life. Very nice guy who I felt cared about my results. – Joshua M

My one session with you back in Sept had such a positive impact just quietly and unbeknown to me – my subconscious really did get to work and within six months I was loving a new job and really had a boost to my confidence as I lost weight and enjoyed going to the gym. Thank you. – Sam A

I am GREAT! Still not drinking. Religiously going to the gym every other day. Sleeping much better, which is so good. Certainly a happier and more focused human being. You are quite possibly my favourite person! Cheers. – Ben R

Patrick helped me with an irrational obsession that was taking over every waking minute. He was so easy to work with, being both fascinating and funny and also a great observer. I felt significant results straightaway, a massive shift, and have benefited from ongoing improvement and insights into myself since. It’s a shame he’s so effective as he’s so wise and interesting that I would enjoy further sessions – I urge you to try him! – Alice M

I was uncertain about sharing my closely-held fears with a stranger but immediately felt I could trust Patrick. He’s helped me shift a heavy burden and I highly recommend Patrick  and NLP to everyone. – Ted K





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