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‘Patrick is amazing at what he does. His manner and techniques are pure magic and he has an incredible way of getting underneath all the mess quickly, to get to the point/source. He is warm, calm, real, direct and a wizard! He has a miraculous way of making you laugh, even in deepest despair. Patrick, it is obvious to me that this is your calling. Everyone would benefit from a sprinkling of this type of therapy. Thank you so much xx’  Elizabeth W 

‘Absolutely fantastic result today, thank you soo much. I had a fabulous walk around Bath with my mum after the session. First time I have been fear free for over 20 years!!! Bath is a beautiful city. Wow. Robert (Client for severe fear and agoraphobia.) 

Patrick weaves a wonderful story of internal power and freedom that stays long after you leave. He is also an amazing listener and great at zooming in on the real stuff. Thanks PatrickSteve H 

I saw you a couple of years ago for a session as I was 40 and single and wanted to figure out why I was unable to hold down a relationship… in July it will be two years since I got with my partner. We have a wonderful happy and healthy relationship’  Anon 

‘I am feeling my fear and trauma responses greatly diminished. This a huge development…my body does not go into fight, flight or freeze! This is a really big deal and I can feel it emanating into other parts of my life!’ TB 

I can’t thank you enough for the session yesterday!  It came just at the right time and already last night I felt differently about being on my own and ran new behaviours. Instead of feeling ignored in the house I took myself out for a walk, read & did the homework, had a bath, watched a film & drew a sketch of the future me! Claire B 

I left our meeting feeling 6 feet tall, I was genuinely happy…Thanks for everything, it’s honestly appreciated, you have no idea how much.J.L. 

 An infinite amount of gratitude to you and your work.  I feel a big shift from today, an undeniable, magnetising feeling of being grounded. My mind is quiet and able to be aware of all of the many sounds going on around me, yet at the same time also able to focus on the desired task and sensations.  Every day is full of change, which is such a great feeling. I feel lighter and very calm.Tiff W 

After just one session with Patrick, I found a huge weight lifted. There was sudden clarity where there hadn’t been in some time and I felt safe in a space where I could express myself honestly without judgement. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy and definitely something I would like to continue. I also very much appreciated the tools offered by Patrick to not only overcome certain issues but to work towards a more focused, balanced me.’  Katie Kirby 

 My one session with Patrick has made an enormous difference to my life and enabled me to understand the way in which I do have a choice in my reactions to life events. He combined humour with sensitivity to make me feel at ease and I was amazed at how powerful parts of the session were. I now have some useful tools, which I regularly use to stop myself slipping back into limiting, destructive behaviour and I generally feel more positive and in control of my own life than I can remember. I am now training to be a NLP practitioner with kids! Patrick’s follow-up support has also been excellent and his genuine empathy shines through.’  Lucy Billington 




‘I can’t quite explain it, I still feel like me, I just feel like I have been given a new control panel for my mind. One that works. The changes within me continue to develop with time. I feel lighter somehow and continue to get lighter and happier. I’m extremely grateful for the assistance I received from Patrick and would strongly urge anyone considering this path to go ahead and embrace it. Very powerful!Alex F 

 It’s like I have stepped out of my own way. Thank you for your help and thank you for creating a safe space where I could heal.A Laumeier 

Patrick has helped me to tackle a phobia that I thought I was burdened with for life. One session, followed later with “booster” session has seen a major improvement with my ability to face my fear. I can highly recommend Patrick.CT 

 Powerful, immediately effective and fun. That’s how I’d describe my much needed hypnotherapy session with Patrick in his calm and welcoming London therapy room. Prior to my session I was suffering with extreme fear and anxiety and the moment I felt it leave me during the session I felt feeling like the strong and capable woman able to take on any challenge again. So thankful for you Patrick.J.E. 

Went to Patrick really not knowing what to expect and admittedly a little sceptical. I’d had strong issues with mind blocks and general self confidence and wasn’t very sure how much an hour and a half can do for quite a deep-set problem. However, I went in with an open mind and after two sessions of really useful conversations and some powerful exercises I noticed significant changes in thought processes and my general understanding of how we perceive things. Patrick has helped hugely and given me tools that I can also apply to other areas of my life. Very nice guy who I felt cared about my results. Joshua De Mateis 

 Patrick is a true uplifter and provides invaluable guidance to a happier life. I found the session extremely interesting and it was confirming and most importantly – addressing – patterns l have noticed but not understood the source or impact of.. Patrick has a fantastic insight and understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how to change thought processes that do not serve you.Al V 

Whilst meeting Patrick over another matter (social media services) I happened to disclose an irrational fear I had had for many years. We talked about this briefly and then went back to our main subject. Later I was amazed to discover that my fear had reduced! When I told Patrick he disclosed that he had dropped a few suggestions into the conversation. I wonder what a formal session might achieve!Laura B 

 Patrick helped me with an irrational obsession that was taking over every waking minute. He was so easy to work with, being both fascinating and funny and also a great observer. I felt significant results straight away, a massive shift, and have benefited from ongoing improvement and insights into myself since. It’s a shame he’s so effective as he’s so wise and interesting that I would enjoy further sessions – I urge you to try him!!Alice M 

I walked out of my hypnosis session with Patrick feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Not only did he help to alleviate my ongoing sleep disorder in one session, but also reaffirmed the positive outlook I possessed before the problem. I can’t recommend his services highly enoughAlex Arcoleo 


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