Sessions tend to follow this pattern -

1. Arrival and getting comfortable

A chance to relax and ask anything you wish

2. Light Hypnosis

A quick hypnotic technique that allows you to relax deeply and sweep aside whatever daily train of thoughts might have been taking place, ready for your powerful unconscious mind to engage fully with the exercises that follow

3. Changework

A series of fast, easy, often fun exercises, all aimed at the unconscious, allowing unresolved issues to resolve, traumas to heal, triggers to be removed, horrible feelings replaced with nice ones, and love and well-being to return to your relationship with self

4. Follow up

After the session you will receive a follow-up email with ‘homework’ exercises, usually easy daily rituals or things to look out for, plus habit-building work to enhance the changes we made in the session. Mails and calls following up on the session are free and I am generous with my time.

Why is this right for me?

Further down this page is a list of some of the issues that I help people resolve.  But you, whoever you are, are unique, and the way you have ‘coded’ your own ‘stuff’ (feelings, beliefs, triggers, identity etc.) is your way alone.  Most of this ‘coding’, this internal writing of a story about yourself and the world, took place early in life, with perhaps some strong nudges or resets through especially large events later on.

When you come to a session with me, we quickly find out about your unique coding, your internal narrative or model that has been bringing you all the things, the feelings and circumstances, in your life so far.  And then we lightly re-design whatever needs to be re-designed to make sure that those feelings and circumstances get a lot better.

Everything is according to YOUR values and YOUR measure of success.  You set your own parameters and your own idea of what the new reality should look like, smell like, sound like, feel like! So it will be easy for you to measure your results and decide when the sessions have got the progress you wanted.

A list of issues I handle regularly

One belief I have is that if a client finds me (amongst all the therapists) then this is the right time and we are meant to work together.  It’s a belief that has been proven time and again (read my reviews). Very often when that new client comes to me, they use the word ‘stuck’.  Is that a word that you have used to yourself? Perhaps something in your past seems to have been getting in your way?  Perhaps a pattern that you don’t want has been repeating in relationships or work or in personal wellbeing? Perhaps a health symptom or addiction or some kind of self-sabotage has been tripping you up.  And all the time you can sense what would be possible if only you can let your power flow freely and be that version of yourself who feels fine and attracts every blessing going.

If these things resonate with you, if the idea of finally blossoming strikes a chord, if you can already almost see the life you want, then give me a call, text or mail.

I have experience working with the following:

  • – Trauma, – Addiction, – Health Issues, – Relationship and Sexual Issues, – Work-Related Issues, – Depression and Anxiety, – Self Esteem Issues, – Healing Past Events, – OCD behaviour, – Self-Harming Behaviour (of all kinds), – Creating a Better Life, – Meeting goals, – Fertility and IVF Success Enhancement, – Stress and Addiction to Stress, – Self Sabotage, -Phobias and Fears of All Kinds, – Transgender Issues, – Conflict Resolution.   And much more…

A note about TRAUMA and PHOBIAS.

Although different in some respects, trauma and phobias share the characteristic that they tend to be very quickly formed, coded inside the mind from a very intense experience. Sometimes in only a few seconds there is a system of triggers and almost unbearable feelings that the subject over time becomes wary even of looking at.  The good news is that very quickly established pathways are often equally quick to erase.  With a phobia, one session is generally enough.  Even with trauma, very fast results can come, providing you are willing to re-write the story that you have written in your mind about the trauma, since the original event.  For example. a soldier who has been blown up but survived in tact might later write a narrative in their minds where they become guilty for surviving or not taking the place of their friends. In a session we would work to erase the original huge feeling of shock and hurt but we would also make sure that all the narrative about the traumatic event was tweaked to become healing.