About me

Who am I?

I’m one of those people who loves getting good at something and then moving on and exploring further. I’ve been a teacher at every level from Primary to Post-Graduate, a Guardian Prize shortlisted author of teen fiction, the manager of a £1m turnover business that I helped become a community-owned co-operative and, throughout most of this time, a parent of three amazing children. But it has been inevitable that I would end up doing what I do now, because I’m passionate about people feeling powerful, happy and free of the old stories that did not serve them.

Our beliefs are everything. They set or remove our limits.

Here are some of the beliefs that I bring to my Fast Breakthrough sessions:

* Nobody is ‘broken’.  Each person is a perfect and beautiful expression of the ‘divine’ at their core. We just remove what has been getting in the way of that.

* You are in exactly the right place in your story for where you need to be.  This point is the springboard to all possibilities.  You brought yourself to this point for a reason!

* When you come to a session with me, you already have all the answers. I just help you unlock them

* Your relationship with yourself is always reflected in your relationship with others and with the world.  When you heal this relationship you suddenly start attracting wonderful new possibilities

* You are made to be free, powerful and fulfilled