I wonder what feeling great, feeling powerful, feeling free of any issue and able to blossom, is ‘worth’?

So, here is some pricing information and we’ll find out if it is within that figure you just thought of.

Sessions with me are booked only one at a time.  A client will always know if and when a follow-up session is needed.  I aim to get full results in a single session if possible and never see a client more than three times for one issue or set of related issues.  (Coaching programs are an exception).  Success rate is around 80% and you will see the glowing client feedback on the reviews page.

Concessions are available for those on low incomes, benefits etc. 

Charging, reflecting the high success rate and the fact that my business is not ‘repeat business’ (not weekly or monthly sessions over a period of time, as in e.g. psychology) is as follows:

Centres outside London:  £200 for 90 minutes, any third session offered free.

Stillpoint in Liverpool Street: £295 for 90 minutes, any third session @ £180

Zoom/Skype: £100 for 90 minutes, any third session @ £50

Full Day Transformations and Bespoke Coaching Programmes: Price on Request


Note:  obviously Zoom is a useful option in some cases, but face to face sessions are always the most powerful. For Zoom sessions please ensure either that you have wireless headphones or loudspeakers so that you are able to move freely.

Note: sessions will not take place if a client is under the influence of drink or drugs upon arrival (simply because results attained will be tied to that mental state) and you should let me know if you are on prescribed anti-depressants or if you are epileptic.