What does buzzard mean to you?

I’ve had Buzzard as a very strong presence lately.  Now I’ve worked with Buzzard before when I worked with Cindy, a beautiful cat soul that I helped in life and again in death.  Buzzard was with Cindy as she prepared to pass and afterwards ensuring she got to the Rainbow Bridge safely.  

Ever wondered about the Rainbow Bridge? This is a beautiful article.


Now these past few weeks Buzzard has been here physically and spiritually.  I was out walking and felt something directly above my my head.  When I looked up Buzzard was there, hovering low.  Immediately came to mind was a Buzzard Shaman stick that I’d seen and I felt this was the nudge to go ahead. As I thought this Buzzard flew from above my head but was still around.


The following day I received a request to help a baby Blue Tit that had tragically died after being hit by a car. I helped baby Blue Tit pass over and felt this is why Buzzard had been directly over my head, letting me know she was there and to get ready to work with her. Buzzard is goddess energy, death and rebirth.  

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Removing Fear From Your Pets And Replacing It With Love

I was doing some self healing to remove fear and replace it with love using my recently acquired book “The Secret Language of your Body” by Inna Segal.  Fantastic book!  I noticed Betty, my cat, was looking intently at me and asking if I could do this for her.  I agreed and she settled down happily to relax in her bed whilst I carried out her healing.

I thought this would be great healing to share with everyone who has pets, especially rescue animals who haven’t had it easy or the best of starts.  I know they can suffer a lot from anxiety.  Betty didn’t have a great start in life.  I would recommend you do this for yourself first of all as our pets are affected by our own energy and you want to be a clear a channel before working with them.  Even if you don’t have pets you would benefit from this.

The wording is taken directly from Inna Segal’s book and I have kindly been given permission by Blue Angel Publishing to reproduce this and share it with you.  Thank you!

This is what I did for myself and Betty.

For Yourself

Make yourself comfortable, sit quietly and say to yourself the following……..

Remove Fear

“Divine Healing Intelligence, using the orange-red flame of purification, please dissolve all fear, anxiety, worry and powerlessness.  Assist me release feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, betrayal and trauma.  Help me to find a blessing in every challenging situation and to focus on the best possible outcome.  Thank you.”

“Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until you feel lighter.”

Replace with Love

“Divine Healing Intelligence, I call on the pink ray of Divine Love and wisdom.  Please heal every part of my consciousness and cellular memories where I hold fear instead of love, worry instead of peace and anxiety instead of faith.  Surround me with your loving, protective, peaceful ray of light, so that I can feel safe, empowered, supported, nurtured and loved in every situation that I encounter.  Thank you.”

“Repeat the word ‘CLEAR’ several times until you feel lighter.”

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Wise Woman of the Elder Tree

Elder Flower

If you are in need of Healing, Magick or Wisdom try connecting with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree. Seek out an Elder tree, sit by it and ask permission to connect with it, then recite the “Wise Woman of the Elder Tree” magick. Sit quietly and see what comes to mind.

I connected with the Wise Woman of the Elder Tree through the Spirit of Elder wand, beautifully crafted by George at GreenwoodEnchantment (Etsy).

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Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand

If like me you are very sensitive to other peoples’ energies / emotions then use this to help shield yourself. It’s good to strengthen yourself so you’re not affected by these external energies but sometimes we need shielding whilst we figure things out.

Meditate on the picture, write out the Magick or print both out and place under your pillow. There are many ways you can use it, these are just my suggestions.

Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand

“Elf Leaf Rosemary Wand,
I cast your Magick deep into the pond,
Shining your bright Solar energies,
Banishing the Shadows all around me.

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