Therapy: Past trauma or “formative events”

Before you decide to take this further, just send a quick question down into your Unconscious.  “Am I ready to move on from my trauma now and reclaim my life?”

Trust the first answer that comes up.  If the answer is “yes”, then let’s do this now!

The best thing about the past, some might say, is that it is over.  An even better thing about it is that your memory is not the thing that happened.  Your memory is a heavily edited, photoshopped representation of an event, in which certain elements were emphasised and others ignored.  Which means that we can play with that memory, we can add or subtract things, give that earlier version of you (the hero/heroine of the scene) more resources, rewrite the context or even, in extreme cases, take the memory out of your past entirely.  It is your memory and you have the right to change it anyway you want.

Let’s face it, if you wanted to find a bluebell wood in Springtime and you had a map that only showed municipal rubbish dumps, you would want to change maps.  And if you had a picture of the Mona Lisa that showed only her x-ray image or the amount of heat generated by different parts of her body, you might realise how quickly your feelings can perceptions can change.

To find out, in confidence, how we can rewrite your past and brighten your future, using quick, fun techniques, contact me now.


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