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You know, couples that arrive in counselling together always kick off by talking about what the other person does or has been doing.  “He always…”/ “She never…”/”If he did this, then I could do that…” etc.. They start off thinking that maybe the counsellor can get their partner to see sense and change in the right way, at last! Probably they’ve been going round and round in circles having the same two or three arguments over and over for ages.

Then, at some point in the process, a moment of magic occurs, and you realise that your power lies in the tools you have inside (rather than browbeating your loved one) and that with those tools you can transform any situation.

As individuals or as couples I teach incredible skills to allow you to achieve just the results you need from within, to feel in rapport with your loved one and to share a common vision or sense of where your relationship is headed.

Of course, sex is the area where any frictions or difficulties may have been playing out the most, and also the area where any limitations you were setting for yourself might have been most powerful or recognisable.   Maybe it was a part of your life full of unspoken thoughts and feelings, a minefield.

Using a mixture of NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling we will transform your sexual possibilities, either as couple or individual and make sure that sex becomes an area where you feel able to express yourself fully and to connect with your lover in the way you’d always dreamed of.

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