Insomnia and sleep issues

If you’re reading this, I can imagine that you are one of those people who have learnt to dread bedtimes, already anticipating the struggle and exhaustion of the dark hours.

You’re so tired, right?  And still you can’t seem to fall asleep?

You’ve followed all the advice out there – changing lighting, unplugging devices in the bedroom, taking baths, wearing or not wearing different kinds of clothes, drinking milky drinks – and STILL you are failing to get a decent restful night’s sleep.

Have you ever slept well in your life?  Then you know how to do it. No sweat.

For some reason your unconscious decided at some point it was in your interest to stay awake.  When you book with me, we will quickly find what that reason was and explain to it gently and firmly that it has served you well, but now it’s time to set new drives and directives.  And bingo you will slip away as peacefully as a baby.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you sleep soundly again, why not request a free 10 min skype or email consultation.




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