“Depression” can show up in so many ways.

Maybe you haven’t been able to get up in the morning or to motivate yourself for anything?

Maybe you find your moods are all over the place, detached and numb and then emotional and sobbing? Perhaps even occasionally joyful and then plunging again?

Maybe you’ve been getting physical symptoms that were preying on your mind and you weren’t even sure if they were real or imagined?

Maybe your depression was affecting your eating habits or sleep?

There are all kinds of symptoms that can suggest the condition often referred to as “depression”.  And this label often comes with a kind of reverential hush, a sense of futility or a rush to prescribe all kinds of drugs in the family, friends and doctors around one.

Yet depression, too, is a set of behaviours that is learnt and can be unlearnt.  Just because you’ve trodden a certain way so often that a path has appeared, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a new path, create new moods, even train your powerful unconscious mind to deliver a different set of neurochemicals into your bloodstream.

Let’s face it… if you were feeling depressed and a tiger suddenly got into your kitchen, your mood would change more or less instantly, wouldn’t it? Which means that change in your depression can be quick and dramatic.

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