Anxieties and panic

The good news about your anxiety or panic is that you learnt it very quickly, which means you can unlearn it twice as fast!

What IS anxiety and panic?  Simple: it is a series of physiological responses – increased heart rate, adrenalin, sweating perhaps, basically the “fight/flight” reaction, often accompanied by some degree of change in how decisions are made.

The physiological responses are natural.  All your body functions are controlled 24/7 by your unconscious and these responses are switched on in response to a perceived threat.  Your mind, doing its best to serve you well, at some point learnt to see a threat where there is none.  It can easily take that threat off its list.

When you come for a session with me, typically we will “snip” the connection between the thing that was triggering your fear (motorway driving, spiders, your Mother-in-Law etc.) and your response.  We will if necessary revisit the events that led to the fear and redesign them, and we will find out how you can give yourself the resources you need to feel calm and in control at all times.

Your decision making will return to normal as soon as the old symptoms are gone.

Now, maybe you managed at some point to get so good at the anxiety and fear thing you were doing, that you allowed it to spread to many situations.  But that’s ok too! That only means you are an EXPERT at training your mind.

Your session with me will also help you to see how you keep a library of emotions and responses and can interchange them at will, to get better results!

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