What can I help you with

If there is something you are doing in your life where you have not been getting the results that you want, then that’s exactly what I  can help you with.

Maybe you want something different in your relationships?  A different kind of partner?  A different way to resolve friction with your loved one?  A different answer when you ask your  dream date out?  A different and more fulfilling kind of sexual experience?

Or perhaps you want something to change at work?  To get on better with your boss?  To build a team more effectively?  To change to a career you love more?   Simply to meet your goals and get recognised for that? Or finally to earn what you deserve?

It could, on the other hand, be simply some personal habits that you want to change? Biting nails, or pulling your hair out or binge drinking or an addiction, such as tobacco or gambling?

Then there are issues with food or sleep and other life-giving, wonderful parts of being human that you have decided you want to nurture yourself with once more.

Or is there something that has been giving you anxiety, panic attacks or phobia? If so, are you ready to feel calm and resourceful in all circumstances?

Perhaps it is as simple as you having decided that it is time to appreciate and love yourself the way you deserve, and to find that you feel happy, playful, excited by life again?

Quite often the people that come to see me or book a session online have decided that it is time to move on from the effects of past trauma: to finally be free from that thing that blighted your life for such a long time!

The most common conditions and issues I treat are:

If your issue is not shown please contact me to see if I can help you.


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Hypnotherapist, Master NLP-Practitioner and Author

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