What is Hypnotherapy/NLP and how does it work?

Hypnotherapy and NLP (that’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a fancy name for the way the model you have in your mind is echoed in the world outside) are both about the Unconscious Mind:  the part where all your learning takes place, all your memories are stored, all your behaviour is embedded …and where you can change any of these, more quickly than you knew!

In fact the only way to change the way you behave and the results you get from that is to access your unique internal model of the world.

Chances are, you aren’t really aware of many aspects of your unique model.  For example, you may consciously have been saying to yourself, “I need to give up smoking” or “I really want to sleep all night” or “I’m chasing the wrong sort of boy/girl” etc., but if your vast, powerful unconscious has decided at some stage that there was a benefit to e.g.you having a fag in your coffee break or being let down in love,  then whatever you consciously might think you’ve been wanting or trying to do, your unconscious will make sure you approach things the same way and get the same results. (That’s why dieting rarely works!)

Do what you always did, and you’ll get what you always got!

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You know, I always ask clients “Are you getting the results you want in your life?”It’s useful and fun to think about “results”  because EVERYTHING you do gets you results. Yes, it’s true: every single interaction with the world out there, every thought, every decision, every action, they all bring results of some kind.  And hence that simple, easy question: “Are they the right results for you? Or do you want to get different ones?”

Some people feel unlucky when they keep getting a certain kind of result that they don’t want.  Some people think or say “Why me?!” or “It’s not fair!”, as if they had no part in the process of influencing what happens.




You aren’t one of those people, because those people are asking for more of the same. They have forgotten how they first started to learn.  They have forgotten how, as a very young child, they knew instinctively that they could do things differently and see when the results matched what they wanted.

Whatever is happening in your life, there’s no shame or drama or big deal about not getting the results you want, no matter how long that’s been happening or how entrenched that seemed to be. It’s just as easy to do something new as it was as a young child.

You can change  any and all of your results,

easily and quickly.  


Generally 1 to 3 sessions are enough to free your old log-jam.

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Hypnotherapist, Master NLP-Practitioner and Author

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