What happens in a typical session

Once you make a booking with me, we go through some very simple stages.

1)  We first find out what you want to change.  It might be very precise, like no longer raiding the fridge at 2am, it might be something that feels huge, like letting go of the effects of past trauma. It might be more vague, such as not wanting to feel “stuck” in the same old way

2) Where appropriate I send you a pre-session questionnaire to explore a little more how you imagine that change. (When you decide to change something, the more specific you can be about what you want instead, the easier it is to bring you there)

3) When we’ve identified how that unique internal model of yours has been attracting some things and repelling others,or how it has been storing experiences in an unhelpful way we then tweak it to get just what you want.

The “tweaking” is fast, fun, and often unexpected.  You won’t be sitting talking about your pain and misery for hours: if you only wanted a good moan then move on, this is the fast elevator to the upper levels of the game!  You are more likely to be visualising things, walking around the room, playing a game where you step into the future just the way you want it to be, and listening whilst I tell you a story or two. On and off you might just drift into a more dreamy phase, just the same as when you were at school gazing out of the window with your mind roaming free, or the last time you travelled somewhere and then couldn’t remember the last ten miles.

Fear of being hypnotised? We all go in and out of trance many times each day. Under hypnosis you remain in control at all times. For more reassurance, click here.

And at the end of your 90 minutes? You’ll feel good, invigorated, maybe slightly unsure of how the various techniques are going to help you, but strangely aware that something important has shifted.  As you go about your daily routines you’ll find that that shift starts immediately creating a much better reality for you.

In my sessions, chances are you will laugh a lot.  You might cry too. Both will feel as good and complementary tissues are always available.

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To become a magnet, attracting what you want and letting what you don’t want harmlessly slip off you,
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