Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

My mission statement is as follows:

“I believe that each individual is a being of unlimited potential.  Each has the right and the inner resources to change their journey in any way they wish.  It is my role to facilitate this as quickly and with as much joy and playfulness as possible”

I am very serious about professionalism and professional standards.  I am fully insured and by choice am affiliated to and a signatory to the codes of conduct of both the American Board of Hypnosis/NLP and the British version, the ANLP.  I am also a qualified teacher and have a recent (2013) DBS (previously CRB) check.

To enhance and reinforce these professional principles, I have my own Code of Conduct too:

As a professional therapist I shall:

1 Respect the dignity and worth of every human being, and their right to selfdetermination. 2 Strive to act with integrity, independence and impartiality

3 Ensure client safety at all times

4 Respect client confidentiality

5 Do everything possible to meet client expectations and to be clear about expected outcomes

6 Produce any professional documents on demand (please give notice)

I am bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 and all information regarding your therapy will be held in strictest confidence, the same as when you visit your doctor or legal advisor



Hypnotherapist, Master NLP-Practitioner and Author

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