Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be scared of losing control under hypnosis?

There are a lot of strange ideas out there about hypnosis, but you can reassure yourself of the following facts:

  • Everyone goes in and out of trance many times per day: just look at the commuters on the tube!  Or the people walking along the street lost in the world of their mobile phone. Going into trance just means your conscious mind wandering or turning off for a little while.
  • All hypnosis is self-hypnosis! I cannot make you into a chicken, a bank robber or a tin of soup. I cannot do anything to you.  You have an internal gate-keeper in your mind that keeps you safe from anything you don’t want.
  • Everyone can be hypnotised. Providing you allow it.
  • What about those people in the TV shows?  They are selected carefully through a whole series of tests that you don’t notice because they are subtle, and only the ones prepared to make a fool of themselves are invited on stage
  • Isn’t hypnosis just a load of bunkum? Hypnosis is nothing but you allowing the unconscious mind to have a conversation and to see how it can work better for you to get what you want after our session.


What will I feel when I am in trance?

Mostly being in trance is such a familiar feeling that you might not even notice it.  You will be very relaxed, you’ll probably have eyes closed (although this is not a prerequisite), you may well be imagining things or feeling a little dreamy. At the end you will be feeling very good indeed, refreshed and ready for the rest of your day!

Examples of daily trance are:

  • Travelling/driving when your mind turns off and you don’t remember the last ten miles.
  • When you were at school and lost yourself gazing out of the window
  • When you fall in love and all your attention is away with the object of your love
  • The moments just before being fully awake in the morning and before being fully asleep at night


How many sessions will I need to resolve my issue?

It is hard to say until you have come for your first session.  To date I have never needed more than three sessions to achieve a client’s stated outcomes. Sometimes a single session is enough. I never book a “course” of sessions:  it is best to allow changes to take place at their own rate after each session. The client always knows instinctively if/when it is time to book the next session


What issues will your therapies not work for?

Any time I think you have an issue with which I cannot help you, I will let you know immediately.  It is in nobody’s interest to waste time and money on therapies that are not appropriate.


What about physical health conditions?

It is a requirement (both ethical and legal) that I always advise that clients seek conventional medical advice for any physical problem and do not use therapies such as the ones I use as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Having said that, your mind runs all body systems 24/7 and is able to produce and administer just the right neurochemicals to alleviate and cure almost any disease or condition.

Therapy with me should be used in conjunction with that advised by your regular doctor.


Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Or you can request a free 10-min consultation.



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