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Problems? Solutions! (Measured for magical properties)

Here is a powerful mini guide to test solutions to problems. Works for individuals, groups, nations. Having identified the problem you as individual, group or nation want to solve – and making sure it really IS your problem (no good saying “The problem is that Margaret doesn’t understand the offside rule”) – run any solution that you feel you have identified through the following questions…

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Your Connection Speed Has Just Been Upgraded

The age of data! Of “information”! The age in which a man/woman/humanoid is judged by the gigabytes they have available – rocket fuel to power their exploits – and by their processing speed: the power to arrange and rearrange their data into new shapes and patterns in the blink of an eye. Continue reading Your Connection Speed Has Just Been Upgraded

Pushing Magic Buttons

With my youngest children entering teen years, I recently joined a dating site. Typical kind of thing, a series of questions to answer to help potential suitors tune into your world and see if you are possibly “the one” or a close enough approximation.

However, many of the answers didn’t really give me enough of a clue. For example, under the question “What makes you laugh?” many people had written “Jokes” or “Funny stuff”. And under the question, “What do you like doing?” some had put “Having fun.” Or “Having a laugh”. Continue reading Pushing Magic Buttons

And the Little One said “Role Over!”

Remember when you were really young and you played “let’s pretend”? What was it you pretended? Soldiers? Superheroes? Princesses?

The thing about “let’s pretend” is that it determines beliefs and actions. If you are a soldier defending your house/country/ friends/the Earth against various “baddies” then it is clear what you must do and what you must believe. You have to fight and run and hide and jump out and set traps and act fearlessly! You have to believe that everyone on YOUR side is good and everyone you are fighting against needs to be shot without question. You have to award yourself the qualities of bravery and cunning and resilience in order to fulfil your mission.

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