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Your Connection Speed Has Just Been Upgraded

The age of data! Of “information”! The age in which a man/woman/humanoid is judged by the gigabytes they have available – rocket fuel to power their exploits – and by their processing speed: the power to arrange and rearrange their data into new shapes and patterns in the blink of an eye. Continue reading Your Connection Speed Has Just Been Upgraded

Hit Me Baby…One More Time

On my flyers listing the areas in which I help people change their lives, one item is “Addictions”… but to be honest, I could pretty much cut out the rest of the list and use that as a heading for EVERYTHING I do, for the good people who come to me are, almost without exception, addicted to one pattern of behaviour, one set of feelings, and wanting to be free from that tyranny. Free to choose. Free to take the path they really want. Free to have …something new.

“Oh but come on, mate, that’s not a proper addiction, is it?” I hear you cry. “I mean, it’s not a physical thing like alcohol addiction” Continue reading Hit Me Baby…One More Time

Imagine what you can have if you can have what you imagine!

“Perception is Projection” is a well-known phrase amongst therapists of the mind.  What it means is that, if you can see it “out there” in the external world or in other people, then it is because it exists in your internal model.  It could be something as simple as the colour green or it could be the trait of what is sometimes called “passive aggression”.  Whatever it is, if you perceive it you are “projecting” it by comparing external data to what you have in your model and making it fit something you have in there.  (And actually, it is only “in there” that it acquires any meaning at all.  Until then it is only energy-wave-based data, whether the colour green or jealousy)

Continue reading Imagine what you can have if you can have what you imagine!