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March For What You Love!

There is a classic thing that happens when a client comes to see a transformational coach or therapist like me. The question is posed to them, “So, tell me, what do you want? What do you really really want?” …and straight away there is an answer that starts with, “Well, I can tell you what I DON’T want. I DON’T want to be working in this dead-end job/living in the suburbs/ drinking six pints of cider every night etc.”

Right now in the US and around the world, marchers and protesters are telling us what they DON’T want (Trump) and back in 2016 the Brexiters also told us what they DIDN’T want (immigration and EU laws).

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Hit Me Baby…One More Time

On my flyers listing the areas in which I help people change their lives, one item is “Addictions”… but to be honest, I could pretty much cut out the rest of the list and use that as a heading for EVERYTHING I do, for the good people who come to me are, almost without exception, addicted to one pattern of behaviour, one set of feelings, and wanting to be free from that tyranny. Free to choose. Free to take the path they really want. Free to have …something new.

“Oh but come on, mate, that’s not a proper addiction, is it?” I hear you cry. “I mean, it’s not a physical thing like alcohol addiction” Continue reading Hit Me Baby…One More Time

Kissing Yourself Better

There’s a game we play with our children. Little Johnny or Janice fall and hurt themselves and we give them a kiss and “make it all better”. It’s a good game and a piece of magic, because the kiss/hug does, indeed, make it better. The game is that the parent is turning off the pain, but in fact it is the child who is learning to do that, giving themselves permission not to mind, not to feel bad/hurt, at a set signal.

Pain is not painful, after all, it is… only a message: and that message can be switched off when we don’t think we need it any more.

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Pushing Magic Buttons

With my youngest children entering teen years, I recently joined a dating site. Typical kind of thing, a series of questions to answer to help potential suitors tune into your world and see if you are possibly “the one” or a close enough approximation.

However, many of the answers didn’t really give me enough of a clue. For example, under the question “What makes you laugh?” many people had written “Jokes” or “Funny stuff”. And under the question, “What do you like doing?” some had put “Having fun.” Or “Having a laugh”. Continue reading Pushing Magic Buttons

Baby I promise I will ALWAYS let you go!

Meet your most powerful tool for change: the power to let go! To let go of people, things, beliefs, situations, the past and the future! To let go of anything and everything.

Imagine, for a moment, that any time you made a decision to “hold on” to anything in your life, a kind of sticky, chewing-gummy, holding-on energy cord* snaked out from you and attached itself to that particular object of your fascination, desire, fear, memory etc.. And because it snaked out at exactly that moment, that energy cord reflects and stores the ways in which you felt on some level you were incomplete without that person, place, thing, situation.

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