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Dynamo You!

As a child I remember seeing the film ‘Zulu’. Having bragged that his soldiers could march 20 miles with full kit, the commanding officer of the… Brits was told dismissively by the Boer expert that the Zulus could run 50 miles and then fight a battle at the end. That told him!

Whoever you are, the chances are that you (and I) are running at way below your potential capacity: physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way. You are, after all, pure energy, unlimited creative force held in the vessel of a fabulous body, a divine shaper of daily reality, a dynamo, tapped into the vital essence of the universe at the deepest level. (Pretty impressive really, don’t forget to notice all that when you peek in that mirror to see if your hair is okay)

So. What lies between you and the unleashing of this power? Continue reading Dynamo You!

Game Cheats in an Intelligent Universe

Total immersion electronic games will no doubt be in many homes soon. (What are we looking at?  65% sex, 30% action, 4% sport and 1% farming and homemaking?) And Google/other tech firms’ glasses, keeping you permanently plugged into the network, filtering and tweaking and interacting with every experience you have, are just around the corner. Regular readers of my posts will know the concerns I have about how thought processes and the internal model of the universe you carry will be affected, for these devices will add a… second and external information-selection process to add to the complex one you already have internally, and that second layer will act before your own. (If you are not sure about what the effects might be, just sit in front of a rolling news channel for a day and see how your mood and world view is impacted)

But this piece is not about those concerns.

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Hit Me Baby…One More Time

On my flyers listing the areas in which I help people change their lives, one item is “Addictions”… but to be honest, I could pretty much cut out the rest of the list and use that as a heading for EVERYTHING I do, for the good people who come to me are, almost without exception, addicted to one pattern of behaviour, one set of feelings, and wanting to be free from that tyranny. Free to choose. Free to take the path they really want. Free to have …something new.

“Oh but come on, mate, that’s not a proper addiction, is it?” I hear you cry. “I mean, it’s not a physical thing like alcohol addiction” Continue reading Hit Me Baby…One More Time

Kissing Yourself Better

There’s a game we play with our children. Little Johnny or Janice fall and hurt themselves and we give them a kiss and “make it all better”. It’s a good game and a piece of magic, because the kiss/hug does, indeed, make it better. The game is that the parent is turning off the pain, but in fact it is the child who is learning to do that, giving themselves permission not to mind, not to feel bad/hurt, at a set signal.

Pain is not painful, after all, it is… only a message: and that message can be switched off when we don’t think we need it any more.

The game is only for children, though. Continue reading Kissing Yourself Better

Safe Combinations

Safe. You love to feel safe. And even when you choose to feel unsafe, you like to have your safe word, your emergency button, your get-out.

Many of my clients come to me and make a decision as to whether they can feel safe. They know when they are safe because of a feeling they get.

When you get the feeling of being safe, where is that feeling? Can you remember?

As a child you maybe played the game of not walking on the cracks in the pavement, so that the bears didn’t come up to grab you. You decided that if you avoided the cracks you were safe (although the thrill of the possibility of not being safe added to that pleasure). What have you replaced the pavement cracks with now in your safe/not safe game?

Do you only allow yourself to feel safe if the door is double locked? Or if your passwords are encrypted? Or if you are carrying your personal alarm?

In a wider sense, has avoiding the cracks been replaced with having nuclear weapons or a large military presence? With keeping out immigrants? With avoiding public transport? With keeping to “your own kind”? With striking before non-safety has even occurred, removing someone else’s safety so you can have yours?

Let’s go back to the bears and the cracks. And remember how you could stop playing that game in an eyeblink. You didn’t do it by walling yourself away from all pavement cracks, by double locks, by persuading your parents to buy up all paving stones and send them abroad, by cementing them all in so the bears were stuck. You just switched it off and decided to be safe. And you knew how to do that.

The “safe” game takes place in only one location (though its symptoms can be everywhere and sometimes quite horrible). That location is inside you. And all you have to do – your child self remembers – to be safe is to allow yourself to shine. Follow your passions. Be kind to yourself. Be true to your instincts. Stop squeezing little parts of you into the role of the cracks.

Feel safe right now. Where is that feeling? It is yours when you want it