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Perception is Projection is Creation


Picture or feel yourself for a moment as standing/sitting/lying in a desert, or less than a desert, an infinite empty space.  Now fill that space all around you, as far as the extent of the universe, with a multi-dimensional weave of energy (whatever that looks like to you). There are you, at the centre of the universe, and all around in every direction and dimension is nothing but this weave, like a lapping ocean that goes on forever.

(You just became a quantum physicist!  Does that feel good?)

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Baby I promise I will ALWAYS let you go!

Meet your most powerful tool for change: the power to let go! To let go of people, things, beliefs, situations, the past and the future! To let go of anything and everything.

Imagine, for a moment, that any time you made a decision to “hold on” to anything in your life, a kind of sticky, chewing-gummy, holding-on energy cord* snaked out from you and attached itself to that particular object of your fascination, desire, fear, memory etc.. And because it snaked out at exactly that moment, that energy cord reflects and stores the ways in which you felt on some level you were incomplete without that person, place, thing, situation.

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