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Taking Away The Price Tags in Relationships!

Where to start as you redesign the energy weave that creates the illusion of your universe? As you change shapes and meanings and find that your own light and all the other lights strung out perfectly as far as can be seen shine brighter now.

One good place can be in your relationships, your interactions with those others.

Think about the “hook” you are carrying around to find friends and lovers and enemies and all the other characters of your internal, non-existent drama. Think about the invisible “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” element to your internal model, the “script” (in psychologist jargon) that your unconscious wanted to play out as it fits together with others’ internal models.
“If you do xyz I will know that I can trust you”

“I used to love you but then you did that thing and it meant I couldn’t love you anymore”

“As long as you don’t hurt me I will be your friend”


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Perception is Projection is Creation


Picture or feel yourself for a moment as standing/sitting/lying in a desert, or less than a desert, an infinite empty space.  Now fill that space all around you, as far as the extent of the universe, with a multi-dimensional weave of energy (whatever that looks like to you). There are you, at the centre of the universe, and all around in every direction and dimension is nothing but this weave, like a lapping ocean that goes on forever.

(You just became a quantum physicist!  Does that feel good?)

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And the Little One said “Role Over!”

Remember when you were really young and you played “let’s pretend”? What was it you pretended? Soldiers? Superheroes? Princesses?

The thing about “let’s pretend” is that it determines beliefs and actions. If you are a soldier defending your house/country/ friends/the Earth against various “baddies” then it is clear what you must do and what you must believe. You have to fight and run and hide and jump out and set traps and act fearlessly! You have to believe that everyone on YOUR side is good and everyone you are fighting against needs to be shot without question. You have to award yourself the qualities of bravery and cunning and resilience in order to fulfil your mission.

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