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ANXIETY! (A behaviour to unlearn easily)

Imagine you have a friend, and that they like going to the movies. And like all of us, when they are in that movie theatre/cinema, deeply in the trance of what they are viewing and listening to, there will be times when they laugh, times when they cry, times when they smile with recognition, times that they relax and times that they tense up. All this is normal. We know how to make our bodies change heart rate, blood pressure, chemistry and every other aspect imaginable whilst we watch a movie. We are experts.

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Photoshopping Your Trauma

Ask any respectable physicist what “time” is, what it is made of, and they won’t be able to answer.  They will most likely say something about time being the way that any movement or force is measured. No time means no movement of any kind.  But in this moment precisely … NOW… movement and force exists, things change.  “Now” is all that exists and “now” is change.  Change in everything from the subatomic to the universal. You just changed and you are about to change again.

So what about those previous “now”s that you recorded somewhere, somewhen?

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