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Dynamo You!

As a child I remember seeing the film ‘Zulu’. Having bragged that his soldiers could march 20 miles with full kit, the commanding officer of the… Brits was told dismissively by the Boer expert that the Zulus could run 50 miles and then fight a battle at the end. That told him!

Whoever you are, the chances are that you (and I) are running at way below your potential capacity: physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way. You are, after all, pure energy, unlimited creative force held in the vessel of a fabulous body, a divine shaper of daily reality, a dynamo, tapped into the vital essence of the universe at the deepest level. (Pretty impressive really, don’t forget to notice all that when you peek in that mirror to see if your hair is okay)

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Game Cheats in an Intelligent Universe

Total immersion electronic games will no doubt be in many homes soon. (What are we looking at?  65% sex, 30% action, 4% sport and 1% farming and homemaking?) And Google/other tech firms’ glasses, keeping you permanently plugged into the network, filtering and tweaking and interacting with every experience you have, are just around the corner. Regular readers of my posts will know the concerns I have about how thought processes and the internal model of the universe you carry will be affected, for these devices will add a… second and external information-selection process to add to the complex one you already have internally, and that second layer will act before your own. (If you are not sure about what the effects might be, just sit in front of a rolling news channel for a day and see how your mood and world view is impacted)

But this piece is not about those concerns.

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Girl meets boy meets girl meets….

Have you ever played a game of Monopoly where you lost concentration for a moment while somebody shook the dice and then it was going to be your go (or someone else’s) but then you FELT something in the air and had a double check and found that that other player had landed on your hotel and you managed to scream “Rent!” before anything else could happen?

Or what about that attractive girl in a bar, and a man approaches, and she knows before he has uttered a syllable that she is not interested. Even if he works out and he dresses ok and is perfectly good-looking and all the other boxes the guy might think he ticked. She knows as surely as you and I know we are going to put the phone down on a cold sales call with just the first intake of breath at the other end.

How does she know? How do we know?

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