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Your Life Does Not Exist (…so have another one any time you like)

New book now out on Amazon in Kindle format!  Paperback coming soon.

Bespoke Breakthrough Coaching Days

Stop Press!

I get more and more clients being fascinated by the techniques and tools I use and who are hungry to learn more and to have a new toolbox themselves to use in many areas of life.  As a result, I am now offering the chance to spend a full day with me 1-2-1, a bespoke day shaped to whatever you want to learn, to the changes you want to make, to the results you want to get. A totally unlimited and transformational day, with much laughter along the way. Continue reading Bespoke Breakthrough Coaching Days

How To Get Other People To Open Up and Give You What You Want!

(…with honour, respect and love)

We all want things from other people.  We spend much of our time trying to get the right responses.

Whether you want to sell more successfully, get better at attracting the love or sexual relationships you want, get the work team on your side.. or anything else that involves other people, my one-day trainings “How to get other people to open up and give you what you want” teach a number of quick, powerful techniques, techniques that will help you get the right results whilst at the same time spreading love and good karma.

The trainings run in London and Bath and are priced at £200, to include lunch.

Company trainings also available.

Message me for details.