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Broken Leg Versus Broken Heart

Pop along to your GP and tell them you are “in pain” and, chances are, they will only be interested in a certain kind.  If you are able to show an obvious physical wound, a broken limb or an internal pain that may be appendicitis or angina, they will roll up their sleeves and get to work.  If, on the other hand, you say, “Doc, I am in terrible pain.  (S)he’s left me, Doc!” there may be a gritting of teeth and rolling of eyes.

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Photoshopping Your Trauma

Ask any respectable physicist what “time” is, what it is made of, and they won’t be able to answer.  They will most likely say something about time being the way that any movement or force is measured. No time means no movement of any kind.  But in this moment precisely … NOW… movement and force exists, things change.  “Now” is all that exists and “now” is change.  Change in everything from the subatomic to the universal. You just changed and you are about to change again.

So what about those previous “now”s that you recorded somewhere, somewhen?

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Elvis May or May Not Be In The Building!

I heard an interview on the radio a few days back in which the interviewee was talking about her elderly father, who was suffering from dementia.  This man, now in a “home”, had apparently always claimed to loathe Elvis Presley and all that he stood for, yet one of the entertainments the home recently laid on was an Elvis impersonator… and the dad was discovered having a rollicking good time with the other inmates, singing along to the numbers and nodding approval.

Thanks to his dementia, he had forgotten that he disliked Elvis!

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Anxiety Mode


Did you become an expert in anxiety at some point?  Wanna stop right now?  Of course you do.  You’re bored with that now.  Adrenalin was a fun addiction but now you’ve grown out of it, haven’t you? And you have all the switches, ‘coz it’s nothing “out there” that was making you anxious, it’s your game of “let’s pretend” that you started playing before you even remember …to stop:)

What the hell am I talking about?

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