Damn it! (Or, alternatively, Bless It!)

Life coaches and gurus of various types will often advise you to “act as if” in order to manifest your deepest desires. There are all kinds of good reasons to “act as if” and one of them is that doing this draws other people into the game. We all learnt this at an early age: whether your fellow child went into doctor mode or cowboy or superhero or hairdresser/beauty consultant, the invitation and compulsion was there to play a corresponding role… and we carried right on as adults. Just put on a white coat, or a clerical collar, or a high-viz coat or carry a clipboard, or alternatively step out of a limo wearing Versace at the Oscars, and people will start to play along, even if they are not sure of the game yet.

At the deepest level, “acting as if” is an energetic exercise, a pattern in the energy wave soup that encourages corresponding or complementary patterns, and at that level we get into the Law of Attraction, “The Secret” and all of that stuff. But on the surface there are words, phrases and props – props like that Versace dress or that clipboard – that are part of the dance, and when others know the major steps, only a touch or a nudge, a word in the right place, can get the energy patterns rolling.

Which is where casual cursing and casual blessing comes in.

Much evidence is available to show that as soon as the doctor, to whom (through the “acting as if” game) you have accorded a status that can bypass your natural defences, tells you that something grotty is going to happen to you, it often happens. Similarly, turn on the TV or radio and many times you will hear “scientists have confirmed that…” or “experts believe…”, beautifully vague hypnotic phrases that can also easily trigger the “acting as if” game.

And when you start to notice it – and you do start to notice it, right now! – suggestions and commands to play along with other people’s models of reality, models that may not be aligned with your own wellbeing, can be found everywhere. Especially since the Unconscious Mind running all your major programmes, including those allowing you to be healthy and well and happy, notices everything and takes everything personally.

It only takes a casual phrase, even from a friend – e.g. “apparently xyz gives you cancer” – and deep down an “acting as if” and a rearrangement of energy patterns can start to occur, probably without your knowledge… UNLESS and UNTIL you start to notice, notice all the suggestions in media, social media and in the people around you, often innocently given, and choose to protect yourself from those that are unhelpful.

Personally, as soon as I hear that “xyz causes illness” formula (another classic piece of hypnotic language by the way), I say to myself “I choose health and wellbeing at all times” and I allow the curse to slip off me harmlessly, because I know that I design my own reality and will choose what suggestions I allow into that process. My self protection is effortless and automatic, as yours can be too.

And now we get to the really delightful part, the part at which you use this new found awareness not only to protect yourself and make sure you utter no inadvertent curses, but also to BLESS all those around you. And it’s easy. Just notice your words, notice your suggestions, notice your “acting as if”, and find yourself seeding beautiful seeds in the energy fields of anyone you meet.

“Feel that sunlight on your skin. Wow, you can feel it bringing you such a good feeling of health and joy. Can’t you?”

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