A Quick Experiment For Cat Owners

Here is a quick fun experiment for cat owners. Go find your cat right now and start telling him/her some bad things. Tell your moggy that the US has gone to the dogs (!) because of Trump, say that air pollution is at a record level, mention the imminent global crash as the EU breaks apart, talk about Putin, terrorists, fluoride and bird ‘flu (which is obviously just “man ‘flu” for birds).

I am willing to bet that little Tibbles (insert name as appropriate) just does his/her normal morning checks – food in the right place? what’s the weather doing? is my fave sleep place ready for me to curl up? etc. – and that heart rate and other functions will remain well in the green.

“Aha,” you say with┬áthe manic gleam that comes with playing these games, “But that’s because I can’t say it in cat language.”

Do you know what? You could say it in any language, including cat, and Tibbles would be just as chilled. “All seems good to me” he would yawn.

So here comes Part 2 of the experiment Do YOUR equivalent of Tibbles’ morning checks. Is there food/ water still within reach (includes the shop)? Is there a place to curl up? Any nice sensations to be got from going out in the fresh air? Aha, all good.

Now, Tibbles knows that unless there is a rabid dog or other immediate danger, or one of his prime drives to fulfil (must check out that cute tabby at Number 26) that he can keep heart rate low and live the dream. (And when something DOES require immediate action, he takes that action with minimum effort required and then goes back to normal in about 3 nanoseconds, using the ceremony of a brisk wash to reset the system.) So how about you? Are you just as chilled, finding that there is no knife to your throat and that all the necessary ingredients to sustain life are to hand? Or have you been modelling unpleasant things in your mind and body, accessing negative emotions, harmful memories and disadvantageous physiological states as the radio, TV, social media device and newpaper drip-drip-drip their deliberate surmise and hearsay?

Funny thing is, that you LOVE your cat being that way. It makes you feel good how relaxed and happy he is. You stroke him and cuddle him and you start to feel better yourself. He is such an expert at doing what he does that he is even proof against the unsettled vibrations you were sending out.

Know what? Once you stop modelling the bad stuff, you can be a human Tibbles yourself. Everywhere you go, heart rates will drop and muscles soften. Because you (like your moggy) know that in this moment now everything is just purrfect, and just to recognise that for an instant puts you at the top of your game and redesigns all the other moments there could be.

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