Bespoke Breakthrough Coaching Days

Stop Press!

I get more and more clients being fascinated by the techniques and tools I use and who are hungry to learn more and to have a new toolbox themselves to use in many areas of life.  As a result, I am now offering the chance to spend a full day with me 1-2-1, a bespoke day shaped to whatever you want to learn, to the changes you want to make, to the results you want to get. A totally unlimited and transformational day, with much laughter along the way.

There really is NO limit on what you want to do. You will almost certainly find that any issues you haven’t yet ironed out will naturally be addressed in the course of your learning.  And you will get the chance,  at whatever speed works for you, to learn secrets of the mind, to grasp some of the ideas behind them, and to try them out.

Maybe you want to be more effective at work, maybe you want to up your dating game, maybe you just want to get that great feeling that whatever happens, you are in control.  Maybe you just want to move up a few levels in every area of the game.

There will be a maximum of two of these days offered per month. Priced at £600, a huge saving on my usual hourly rate.

Mail me to discuss what you want from your day!

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