Dealing with an Unpleasant Tick

I am willing to bet that there is something you do regularly that you wish you didn’t. Something self-defeating perhaps, or something you do and then regret and then do again. And again.

Could be something as small as smoking or as big as repeated bad relationship choices, but there will be some kind of cycle involved and, probably, just when you thought you had it “beat”, kerr-pow there it is again, cropping up irresistibly.

Whatever this thing is, you do it because of the feeling you get. (Ultimately everything we do, we do because of the feeling we get, which is why nature has equipped some of the important things like sex and eating with such compelling nice feelings). At some level in the internal universe of your unconscious, there is a need waiting to be filled, and filling it will give the right feeling: a box waiting to be ticked, if you like.

The temptation is sometimes to think that willpower can be enough. “Hell, I’m gonna change now. I’m gonna leave that darned box unticked.” And occasionally, after repeated application (the conscious willpower eventually seeping down to the unconscious control room) that might be true. But much more likely that the longer you left that box unticked, the more the attendant down there, whose task it is to make sure that your boxes ALL get ticked, started to scream and make life a little tense. Until the box was ticked again.

Fighting, you see, is no good. The things you fight against LOVE you fighting against them. They grow stronger. (All publicity is good publicity!) Whether it’s Trump, injustice, terror, or unticked boxes, “fighting” always makes them stronger.

No, what you do instead, is you change the landscape, the dynamic, so that they – and of these things you were fighting – have no power or relevance. After all, going back to your unticked box, it is YOUR tick, YOUR box, YOURS to do what you want with. And all that hardworking attendant of the unconscious wants is to get the thing ticked and done with so she/he can get on with the next thing.

So you go right down there, you question the guy/girl, and you find out that there is more than one way to get that feeling!

Love the tick, love the box, love the feelings: these are your interfaces with the world and they can get you the results you want! Stop fighting them, just love them. And then show them how they can work MUCH better for you.

[Do come and have a session if you would like some help doing just this!]

Oh yeah, and Trump, injustice, terror…. Stop fighting them too. Just change that narrative so that they are not what you thought they were.

You have the power. Over everything.

By the way…If this piece has left you confused, then you are exactly at the moment of breakthrough.

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