Isn’t It GREAT When Things Are Completely F***ed?!

Right about now there is lots of consternation, because things seem to be well and truly f***ed.

(I’m putting asterisks in there for the people who still believe that there is something shocking about an Anglo-Saxon word and not about a Greek/Latin derived one meaning the same thing: what deep hypnosis is that!)

Trump, Farage (rhymes with garage), Brexit, Putin, Syria, Bakeoff…. It would be easy to think that everything was falling apart.

And how great is that!

Before you tell me to fornicate off, just consider this. Imagine you have a vase, a beautiful vase, that has always had pride of place on your mantelpiece. It’s been there years and you just can’t imagine the room without it. You’d dusted it and polished it and you fully intend it to go to your children one day. And then, unbelievably, a rogue squirrel comes in through the barely-open window, sees the pinecone pot pourri at the other end of the mantelpiece, and scurries right along there.

And as you come in, you see the vase topple and fall. In disbelief you stare at the pieces, scattered everywhere, and catch the furry tale shooting out of the window.

Disaster! There is no glueing that little mother back together again: the pieces are too small and too complex. Viewed as a vase, this is the end. Maybe you are tempted to shovel the bits into something else and keep them anyway, although they will remind you.

But let’s just rewind a moment and bring the squirrel back in and give it a few superpowers – haven’t you always longed to give a squirrel superpowers? – so that as it brushes past the vase it unloads an antimatter charge from its tale and reduces your heirloom to constituent atoms. Or even better, the energy waves that pause to create those atoms.

And there’s you, coming in and seeing… the building blocks of creation.

Would you grieve then? Or rejoice?

The truth is, that when something seems well and truly f***ed, be it on the world stage, the national one or the personal one, then it is a great chance to notice that whatever is in pieces was only one possible telling of the story, so that as it breaks and unwinds and is scattered, infinite opportunities exist to make new shapes, new tellings.

Even realising this brings all the power of creation back to the centre, in your centre, which is where it always was.


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