Game Cheats in an Intelligent Universe

Total immersion electronic games will no doubt be in many homes soon. (What are we looking at?  65% sex, 30% action, 4% sport and 1% farming and homemaking?) And Google/other tech firms’ glasses, keeping you permanently plugged into the network, filtering and tweaking and interacting with every experience you have, are just around the corner. Regular readers of my posts will know the concerns I have about how thought processes and the internal model of the universe you carry will be affected, for these devices will add a… second and external information-selection process to add to the complex one you already have internally, and that second layer will act before your own. (If you are not sure about what the effects might be, just sit in front of a rolling news channel for a day and see how your mood and world view is impacted)

But this piece is not about those concerns.

Instead, may I invite you to imagine that you are ALREADY playing one of those total immersion games, one that you’ve set up yourself.

You’ve been parachuted here, into the reality we call Earth, and there are other players, opportunities, resources, objects. And for all of these, your total immersion game settings (painstakingly added over the years) are giving you a unique experience, which is determining your choice of actions. Just as surely as someone who has bought into the “foreigners are stealing our jobs” narrative will then be noticing people who seem to be foreign and having negative interaction with them, your game settings are suggesting danger, or safety, connection or separation, challenge or ease (etc.) in everything and everyone you meet.

Now, let’s assume that you are at a particular level in the game, call it level X, and that that level is just right for the lessons you’ve learned and for this moment in your journey. And as you find new approaches and more adaptability in solving the problems of Level X – for example choosing a new type of relationship approach after numerous bad experiences of the old sort – you find more of the game’s hidden resources available to you, until in the end you might nudge up a level.

But, well and good though that is, there’s a cheat you can use.

The moment you decide to write in awareness of your game playing to your own player identity, to see all those ups and downs and struggles and resolutions as only occurring because of that identity (which is not really you) then you may find yourself in an elevator going up many levels.

Then, add to that the knowledge that the game creator loves you and will feed you unlimited cheats if you allow – you know this because he/she is you, you and the rest of creation – and you could find that love echoed in every moment and action you possess.

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