Dynamo You!

As a child I remember seeing the film ‘Zulu’. Having bragged that his soldiers could march 20 miles with full kit, the commanding officer of the… Brits was told dismissively by the Boer expert that the Zulus could run 50 miles and then fight a battle at the end. That told him!

Whoever you are, the chances are that you (and I) are running at way below your potential capacity: physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way. You are, after all, pure energy, unlimited creative force held in the vessel of a fabulous body, a divine shaper of daily reality, a dynamo, tapped into the vital essence of the universe at the deepest level. (Pretty impressive really, don’t forget to notice all that when you peek in that mirror to see if your hair is okay)

So. What lies between you and the unleashing of this power?

Partly prevarication – all the little routines and activities you use to avoid fully engaging with your potential – partly self-doubt, limits that you set for yourself and then assume you must be spent…. but mostly choosing to channel yourself without joy.

Think of how you expode with light and action when there is something that really exictes you, moves you, fills you with delighted determination. After a while the old self-limiting brakes and the familiar routines might well click in and …you go off the boil. But that potential never ever disappears.

To access it easily from now on, simply let your intuition, your inner compass guide you unfailingly and constantly to those pastimes, labours, people and situations that let your native joy flow easily. (…whilst obviously eschewing the pastimes, labours, people and situations that lead you to feel ‘I just can’t be arsed’)

You will soon be running as free as those light-footed Zulu warriors

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