Your Connection Speed Has Just Been Upgraded

The age of data! Of “information”! The age in which a man/woman/humanoid is judged by the gigabytes they have available – rocket fuel to power their exploits – and by their processing speed: the power to arrange and rearrange their data into new shapes and patterns in the blink of an eye.

It goes without saying – yet I will say it – that in an energy-wave universe EVERYTHING is data. From the sunlight in your garden to the deckchair from which you enjoy it. The obsession with “digital” (binary) forms of storage of e.g. music has only highlighted the data universe, but it was always true. Music is a good example. A note is vibration and the vibration can be cut off or continue. The sound we love is nothing more than vibrations organised into frequency wavelengths. We may choose to put common groupings under umbrella titles such as “E flat minor”, because we love the way that storage grouping works as much as we love a certain quantity of butter in our short pastry, but the raw data of the notes can be placed how we want. And that data can be Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” as easily as it can be Purcell’s famous Rondeau or anything else you care to name. Just arrange the data differently and get very different results… and different feelings triggered.

The same goes for visual art – store and arrange the colour-frequencies differently and go from Titian to Warhol – and even with this writing here, for I am right now using symbols to suggest data groupings to you that allow you to construct a landscape, and were I even to insert the word “tin-opener” the landscape would change.

You might care to notice now that in the great art work of your life, it is all about arrangement of data, taking yourself as steadily between emotions as any other art work. You swim amongst the infinite data and you download or transcribe what appeals, making shapes that are your own.

(And find that the universe always automatically frames your art perfectly, or provides the orchestral score to your solo, re-designing itself to do so)

Now, occasionally an artist might have started to believe that all the notes have been used, the paper store bankrupt or the possibilities exhausted. If this is you, be of good heart, for Mother Universe is never limited in how many gigabytes she makes available to you. Just ask her, internally, for a personal disk clean-up and an upgrade in your processing speed. Some of your old programs were getting in the way, stopping you from the right connection…she will show you. Trust her.

You were, after all, born to be an artist. Without limits.

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