Hit Me Baby…One More Time

On my flyers listing the areas in which I help people change their lives, one item is “Addictions”… but to be honest, I could pretty much cut out the rest of the list and use that as a heading for EVERYTHING I do, for the good people who come to me are, almost without exception, addicted to one pattern of behaviour, one set of feelings, and wanting to be free from that tyranny. Free to choose. Free to take the path they really want. Free to have …something new.

“Oh but come on, mate, that’s not a proper addiction, is it?” I hear you cry. “I mean, it’s not a physical thing like alcohol addiction”

Somehow in the West, for all our courtship with acupuncture and Feng Shui and chakras and whatever else, there is still a strange idea that the physical and the mental/emotional are separate things. Cancer and depression get put in separate baskets, as do addiction to alcohol/drugs and addiction to thwarting one’s relationships or work life.


Every physical event in the body is accompanied and reflected in changes in emotions and in energy vibration. Every emotional event is accompanied by changes to the physical and the energetic, and so on. Change your posture, change your feelings. Deal with feelings that you hadn’t yet tackled and find your health improves. Put great stuff in your body and see how emotions soon match. Etc. etc.

Every time you have a thought or a feeling, all the cells in your body are chemically affected and your electromagnetic vibrations respond also. And boy (/girl/humanoid), those chemicals and those vibrations are heady and addictive. From the adrenalin junky who cannot get off the treadmill that they are starting to hate, to the oxytocin addict who loves the rush from sex or breast feeding or chocolate – familiar ones – to the complex chemical rush when you have the familiar lurch of betrayal in a relationship (one that was rehearsed so many times to get that hit), or the cloying cocktail that is depression.

Don’t get me wrong, addictions can be MAGNIFICENT. Getting fit, creating art, lying in the sun, diving into the social mix, success in business: they all have their place. More or less all the positive stuff we do is a healthy strain of the addiction bug, the bug that has us dipping into one particular well again and again. But with any and all of them, awareness of the addiction is key.

Notice how much you have been loving that addiction, even the seemingly “bad” ones. Notice the rush of chemicals. Notice the physical and energetic aspects. Notice how the addiction has been painstakingly sculpted in many dimensions as a work of art. Because… as soon as you notice these things, you also begin to learn how you can re-sculpt, abandon or create new addictions.

They are yours, after all, so make those babies work for you!

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