Shake Yer Booty and Release Yer Beauty!

If you were feeling at some time that things just weren’t right inside you/ in your life, then you might have considered all kinds of help. Who to see? The GP? The acupuncturist? The spiritual healer? The counsellor/psychotherapist? The hypnotherapist? The wine merchant?

You might have bee tempted to think that it was obvious who to see: A pain in your body, see the GP. A problem with depression, see the psychotherapist etc.. Or maybe you are the kind of person who sees their homeopath/acupuncturist/GP come what may and for any problem.

The fun thing about you and I (one of the three zillion and two fun things actually, I counted) is that we are multi-layered beings, so that if you have an issue, there are many many ways in. When something is not running quite as smoothly as one would wish, there will be indications in the thoughts (usually unconscious), the cells of the body, the structure and flow of the energetic body, the way in which we store our library of feelings… and even in the posture and positioning of the system of muscles and bones, designed to keep us poised and fluid and uncramped. (Hence the health benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga etc.)

The most famous hypnotherapist there ever was, a guy called Milton Erickson, was once visited by a man with severe depression. Milton told the man that he would work with him if he first completed a task (he was in the habit of setting tasks to possible clients)… which was to go and count the number of chimney stacks in Phoenix, Arizona, which was where this was all taking place.

“Don’t try and fool me!” Milton warned, “I know how many there are!”

And so off the man went.

When he returned 3 weeks later, he said, “Well, I know how many chimney stacks there are in Phoenix now, but actually I feel just fine! I don’t think I need you anymore Mr. Erickson.” For he had just spent 21 days walking around in the fresh air, looking up at the sky, and it had changed and dispersed the feelings he had, the thoughts linked to those feelings, and the constricted flow of energy.

Changing posture is the single quickest way to start to change and resolve an issue. Success gurus will tell you to assume the Saturday Night Fever pose just before entering your job interview/other challenge, because it accesses the right thoughts, feelings and flow to succeed in that context. If you want a bit of fun, try it right now: identify the most negative feeling you have, really get it as strongly as you can, and then change to the Travolta pose and see how it is impossible to retain that bad stuff.

There is a posture that is associated with any of your bad stuff, one you hadn’t noticed, but you can change that now. Get moving, make your muscles do something different, dance round your living room, straighten those vertebrae, release the pockets of unhelpful stuff stored in cells and energy field.

The second quickest way to reset and change the system? Giving thanks (wipes out victim mindset). So when you have shaken yer booty, do remember to give thanks for the chance you have to be in a body and do that.

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