Good… Good… Good… Good…Vibrations!

How are your vibrations?

Sound like a hippy, lefty, tree-hugging, unscientific sort of question, even though I didn’t add “baby” or “dude” at the end?

I wonder, though, which vibrations you like best.  I’m willing to bet that when you are cold, you quite like vibrations that heat you coming from a radiator or fire, almost as much as you like those sunlight vibrations on your skin in the summer time, making you smile your sunniest smile.  And quite possibly you find that when your favourite musical vibrations come on the radio or the DJs record decks, you discover that it can change your mood, your posture, your personal energy levels.

As you may well know if you read my posts or know anything about physics or listen to Stephen Hawking et al (the mysterious, ubiqitous Al), the universe is made of energy, and energy is vibration, oscillation, call it what you will.

Now, you are also familiar with the effects that vibrating energy can have on its surroundings.  The wine glass shattering at the right pitch, the ice melting, the radio or phone picking up invisible signals from the air, the tasteless instant dinner heating mournfully in the microwave.

So… go on, tell me, what are you doing to maximise the good vibrations, the ones that make you happy and healthy and minimise the ones that don’t make you feel good?  What is your policy on wi-fi, or phone usage or light sources? You hadn’t realised that they all have a massive effect on your wellbeing?  What is your policy on the people you choose to be around?  What is your policy on your own vibration, come to that?

You’ve probably heard about “The Law of Attraction” – it’s been big for a while now – and I expect you have some ideas about that.  Some people might express it in the terms of What you focus on grows  or If you make the right size space for something and imagine it arriving, you pull it towards you. These are both pretty cool ways to think and full of truth.  But you can go further and say that, if you send out a set of vibrations then they will find and resonate with and attract the stuff/experiences tuned to those vibrations.

As a breakthrough therapist, and one interested in getting fast wonderful results rather than talking about pain, this is the quickest, most powerful tool that I can give my clients.  Sure, yes, there are ideas lodged in the unconscious, there are thoughts and beliefs, and sometimes a client needs to change these to get the change you want. But what a client wants most is to feel good and not to feel bad. ‘Feeling good’ might encompass many different emotions or mean different things to each person.  That’s fine.  Each person has their library of feelings/emotions and these are stored not only in idea form in the mind, but throughout the limbic system and the nervous system and the body in general, in every cell. It’s easy to access them and to change them, I do this with clients in every session.  You already know, for example, how your posture changes your mood immediately (if you don’t, just stand in the Saturday Night Fever pose for a moment and try as hard as you can to feel bad and see what happensJ) and you know how some people light the room up and make you feel inspired, excited, happy and others darken it.

So, where am I going with this?   Where I am going is to the quickest, simplest, easiest way to use the Law of Attraction.  Sure, you can start to monitor what vibrations you are surrounding yourself with and to make changes there… but most of all… Do the things that make you feel the way you imagine you will feel when you get exactly what you want.

It can’t not work.  Send out those vibes and (distance and time being illusions) the events, people and things that resonate with them will come to you. And to give thanks for this piece of magic, this instruction manual for the universe, make sure that you spend just a few minutes each day directing vibrations of healing, wellbeing and joy towards those in need on this planet.

‘OMG he bloody ruined it at the end there and ended up sounding like a tree hugger again.  I was quite liking it until then’

[To find out how to use your feelings any way you want in a single session, give me a call]

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