Perception is Projection is Creation


Picture or feel yourself for a moment as standing/sitting/lying in a desert, or less than a desert, an infinite empty space.  Now fill that space all around you, as far as the extent of the universe, with a multi-dimensional weave of energy (whatever that looks like to you). There are you, at the centre of the universe, and all around in every direction and dimension is nothing but this weave, like a lapping ocean that goes on forever.

(You just became a quantum physicist!  Does that feel good?)

Now think of all that you are perceiving at this moment – people, things, situations etc. – as being nothing other than interpretations and meanings that YOU are giving to eddies in the endless energy weave. i.e. there is NO “out there”, no objective universe as you imagined it before.  EVERYTHING you thought you detected was given shape and importance only in the model of reality you have built inside.

(Don’t feel lonely imagining this.  The light of you is shining into the weave, and as far as the inner eye can see there are other lights also dancing and bobbing in the weave)

Each time you named and interpreted an eddy or shape in the shifting energy patterns you liked to keep going back and checking it. It became a focal point.  Other patterns were increasingly ignored. (Maybe you spent a period of time ill in bed as a child and noticed one particular part of the wallpaper or a crack in the paint and it grew so familiar, perhaps even like a sort of friend).  Gradually a model of a physical universe, of a world, of a life (YOUR life), rose out of the weave. And you set things up, somewhere along the way, to harvest pieces of energy data to reinforce that model more and more (and ignore the rest).

Popping to the corner shop, playing Monopoly, thinking about “love” or “holidays” or “economy”: tiny snippets of information reinforcing the well-worn memory tapes that you were using to tell a story.

The same with our non-lovers, Neville and Gemma (see previous post!) playing out their scene:  their models reinforced, their stories and roles mutually understood.

If you perceive something, it is because it exists in your inner model. 

Let’s get practical and give an obvious and easy example.  Let’s imagine someone who believes, like the philosopher Hobbes, that life is “nasty, brutish and short”. Someone who believes that people are inherently bad and need to be controlled, punished where necessary, etc..

That person has a model set up to perceive the evidence for this view and to make sure that evidence to the contrary is minimised.  They read a story in their tabloid, see a gossipy thread on Facebook and so forth and they find people who seem, indeed, to be “bad”, people doing evil or depraved things.

This person decorates the inside of their head with such thoughts (covering those windows so it is hard to see out).  It determines the way they interact with others, their voting patterns, the media they choose, the friends they keep and how well they sleep.

It determines the sense of disquiet they spread around them.

It even determines how they feel about themselves!  For in their model they also must be “bad” and worthy of punishment and control.

Important Information… Did you know that tiny babies cannot tell the difference between the universe/Mummy and Self?  Did you know that your Unconscious Mind, that 2-million-a-second processor that deals with all memories, behaviour, learning and change acts in exactly the same way, it has never “grown up”

So, when a person expresses anger or hatred, whatever their neocortex tells them, they feel hated themselves, and the model they use becomes a little darker and more self negating.

The energetic level of this is the important level, but the symptoms are easy to see.  The guy who believes that the world is dangerous and dark keeps a gun under his pillow and makes it all a little more dangerous and darker in sodoing.  The government that believes that security is at threat is the government that bombs and invades other countries and reduces security for all.

The great thing is that your model, your interpretation and the results you get everyday, are as fluid and easy to change as the energy weave itself, however fixed it seemed until now.

[Edited excerpt from my forthcoming book “Your Life Does Not Exist”.  Want to find out how to change your model and get better feelings, better results quickly?  Ping me a mail!]

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