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One of the basic ideas behind NLP is that, whatever we do, whatever decisions we make and whatever behaviour we experience, we are always either at “cause” or “effect”. In other words, we are either in control or we are victims.

“Cause” (in control!) and “effect” (victim!) are programs we run, illusions if you like, and by changing from one to the other, by discovering that inside our vast unconscious model of the universe we have all the switches and controls to change everything from how our bodies operate to the results we get in relationships, career and just about everything else, we can always feel in control, always at “cause”.

Being in control would allow you to zap all those things you regarded as problems, don’t you think?

Anxiety is a great example. In anxiety a person is running movies about possible unpleasant (at “effect”) futures and using that trigger to stimulate body responses such as rocketing heart rate, sweating, dizziness and lack of clear thought.

When that future is reached, the mind and body obediently goes into the routine it has been shown. And yet they are YOUR movies and you can decide to take back control of them, to become your own movie-theatre projectionist and run only the movies that allow you to feel relaxed and fabulous at all times, teaching yourself new, great responses to the things that used to frighten you.

The free hypnotic download I am offering you here is designed as a foundation stone to taking back control and thriving in your life.

Used in the short term it should aid relaxation, allow you to recharge batteries and refresh yourself in the middle of busy days.

Used over a longer period (ideally listen daily with headphones for at least 3 weeks) it teaches you to create an internal healing space, always there within you, that should allow you to feel much more in control.

At the same time it gets to work on dissolving previous “negative” experiences that were getting in the way of how you move to a much calmer more postive frame of mind.

Whether it is anxiety or some other issue, the amount of time you were living “at effect” is not really important. That was the past and the past no longer exists. Clients are often amazed at how quickly change can take place. So if you are planning to book a session with me, using this MP3 first will only enhance and magnify results.

Happy listening!

Please note:

  • To get the full effect it should ideally be listened to with headphones
  • Ideally listen to it whilst sitting or lying comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed
  • Please do NOT use it whilst driving or operating machinery
  • Should be listened to with mobile phones and other devices switched off so you won’t be disturbed


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Just thought I’d let you know I had the opportunity to use the Relax Reset Renew MP3 last night. I’d had a super busy evening working and ended up finishing very late with a very chattery head which just wouldn’t quit.

Adding to that I had to be up at a specific time to drive across the country… knowing I have to get up early puts additional pressure on me going to sleep which often prevents me going to sleep, as in this case.

Even after [medication and] trying my usual relaxation/distraction methods for going to sleep..they all failed me and then i remembered the MP3.

Well, I must say, I’m surprised and impressed… being quite a “facts + numbers orientated” sort of person I’ve not had a huge amount of success with alternative therapy type things when used on myself (though I see other people get benefits). But…After one listen (in bed, on headphones) I felt better & noticeably more relaxed, after 3 or 4 (consecutive) listens my arms and legs were melting into the bed and after 5-6 listens, I ended up (as I realised later) full-on lucid dreaming which I’d heard about but never been able to experience myself. Very cool indeed and totally unexpected.

Nicky A
Northern Ireland, UK


Wow wow wow wow wow wow…Just listened to your Relax Reset Renew [MP3] and it’s amazing… the healing really hits the nail on the head for me… I just melted away. Love it.
Katy H